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January 17, 2017

On this day in 1990
"How Am I Supposed To Live Without You" by Michael Bolton was the #1 song.

Today's Celebrity Birthdays

Actress (Phoebe in Wonderland)/ cartoon voicist (Dora the Explorer) Caitlin Sanchez, 21.  Actor (Red Dawn) Connor Cruise, 22.  Actor (Drillbit Taylor) Nate Hartley, 25.  Actor (21 & Over) Jonathan Keltz, 29.  Actress (Dead 7) Chloe Lattanzi, 31.  Actor (Glee) Max Adler, 31.  Actor (Teeth) Hale Appleman, 31.  Lumineers drummer (Ho Hey) Jeremiah Fraites, 31.  Writer/producer/director/actress (Finding Sky) Emily Sandifer, 32.  Model/actress (Theatre of the Deranged) Sophie Dee, 33.  Wilkinsons lead singer (26 Cents) Amanda Wilkinson, 35.  Actor (SGU Stargate Universe) David Blue, 35.  Actor (EuroTrip) Scott Mechlowicz, 36.  Actress (Elf) Zooey Deschanel, 37.  Actress (Interview) Tara Elders, 37.  Actor (Never Been Kissed) Daniel Louis Rivas, 40.  Writer/actor (Saw movies) Leigh Whannell, 40.  Singer/actor (Dreamgirls) Keith Robinson, 41.  Actor (Six Feet Under) Freddy Rodríguez, 42.  Actor (Buried) Chris William Martin, 42.  Musician (All Summer Long) Kid Rock, 46.  Actor (The English Patient) Naveen Andrews, 48.  Actor (Dead Poets Society, Live from Baghdad) James Waterston, 48.  Actor (Mission: Impossible III, Looper) Jeff Chase, 49.  Actress (Cinderella Man, Best in Show) Linda Kash, 50.  Actor (Snowpiercer, The Host) Kang-ho Song, 50.  Actor (The West Wing, Scandal) Joshua Malina, 51.  U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama, 53.  Actor (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Truman Show) Jim Carrey, 55.  Actor (Dallas Buyers Club, The Proposal) Denis O’Hare, 55.  Bangles singer (Walk Like An Egyptian) Susanna Hoffs, 58.  Comedian/actor/radio-TV personality (The Steve Harvey Show) Steve Harvey, 60.  Actor (Bonanza, The Reivers) Mitch Vogel, 61.  Singer (Everytime You Go Away) Paul Young, 61.  Country music singer/songwriter (Guitar Town) Steve Earle, 62.  Emotions singer (Best Of My Love) Sheila Hutchinson, 64.  Actress (Xanadu, Godspell) Katie Hanley, 68.  Actress (Tammy, Karen) Debbie Watson, 68.  Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Mick Taylor, 69.  Actress (You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, The Soul Keeper) Joanna David, 70.  Singer (Let’s Dance) Chris Montez, 74.  Actor (The Virginian, Cimarron Strip) Randy Boone, 75.  Actor (Combat!, Escape from the Planet of the Apes) Tom Lowell, 76.  TV host Maury Povich, 78.  Actor (The Mothers-In-Law, Tora! Tora! Tora!) Jerry Fogel, 81.  Actor (Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb)/cartoon voicist (The Lion King) James Earl Jones, 86.  Actress (The Golden Girls, Hot in Cleveland) Betty White, 95.

 Today's ODJA Birthday Babe

Zooey Deschanel

What a Day This Has Been

January 17, 1773…Capt. James Cook's Resolution became the first such ship to cross the Antarctic Circle.

January 17, 1893…A group of businessmen and sugar planters overthrew Hawaii's monarchy by forcing Queen Liliuokalani to abdicate.

January 17, 1913…Thirty-six Golden Rule Stores were consolidated into one company and incorporated in Utah. The new corporation was named the J.C. Penney Company.

January 17, 1917…The U.S. purchased the Virgin Islands from Denmark for $25 million.

January 17, 1916…In New York City, the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) was formed.

January 17, 1929…The cartoon character "Popeye, the Sailor Man," created by Elzie Crisler Segar, first appeared in the King Features comic strip "Thimble Theatre."

January 17, 1934…Ferdinand Porsche submitted a design to the new German Reich government for a people's car, a "Volkswagen."

January 17, 1941…Gene Krupa & His Orchestra, featuring vocalist Irene Daye, recorded "Drum Boogie."

January 17, 1945…The evacuation of the concentration camp at Auschwitz began.

January 17, 1946…The United Nations Security Council held its first session at Church House in London.

January 17, 1949…After 18 years on radio, "The Goldbergs" starring Gertrude Berg, began its seven-year run on TV, first on CBS, then NBC, followed by the Dumont Network, and finally in syndication.

January 17, 1950…In Boston, 11 thieves stole more than $2.7 million from the Brink's armored car offices in what was the largest bank heist in the U.S. up to that time. It wasn't until 1956 that the perpetrators were arrested. Most of them served fewer than 15 years in prison, and less than $75,000 of the money was recovered.

January 17, 1952…At the Capital Recording Studio in Hollywood, Kay Starr recorded "Wheel Of Fortune."

January 17, 1955…Les Baxter and his orchestra recorded "Unchained Melody." Reaching #1, it was the most successful of four versions that charted that year. The others were by Al Hibbler, Roy Hamilton, and June Valli.

January 17, 1956…In Los Angeles, Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra recorded Cole Porter's "Well Did You Evah?" for the soundtrack of the Crosby-Sinatra-Grace Kelly movie "High Society."

January 17, 1959…In Africa, the state of Mali was formed by the union of French Sudan and Senegal.

January 17, 1960…Cliff Richard's single "Living Doll" was certified Gold.

January 17, 1961…Prime Minister of the Republic of the Congo Patrice Lumumba was assassinated at age 35 in the culmination of two inter-related plots by the U.S. and Belgian governments, using Congolese accomplices and a Belgian execution squad to carry out the act. The UK's MI6 was also implicated in the death.

January 17, 1961…In his farewell address, U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned against the acquisition of unwarranted influence and the rise in unjustified government spending by the "military-industrial complex."

January 17, 1963…At the Marquee Jazz Club in London, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts and Ian Stewart performed together for the first time.

January 17, 1967…David Mason recorded the piccolo trumpet solo for the Beatles' "Penny Lane" at Abbey Road Studios in London. He was paid 27 pounds, 10 shillings (approximately $42) for his performance. In August 1987, the trumpet he used was sold at a Sotheby's auction for $10,846.

January 17, 1967…London's Daily Mail newspaper carried a story about a local council survey finding 4,000 (pot)holes in Blackburn, Lancashire roads, that inspired the line John Lennon wrote in "A Day In The Life."

January 17, 1967…Model/silent film era actress (Thou Shalt Not, The Hidden Woman, A Fallen Idol, The Woman Who Gave, Redemption, I Want to Forget) Evelyn Nesbit died at the age of 82.

January 17, 1968…At RCA Studio B in Nashville, Elvis Presley recorded "U.S. Male." As with Presley's previously released single, "Guitar Man," the song was written and originally recorded by Jerry Reed, who played lead guitar on both Elvis sessions.

January 17, 1969…The Beatles released the "Yellow Submarine" album.

January 17, 1969…"Lady Samantha" was released in England. It was one of the first recordings by Reginald Kenneth Dwight, later known as Elton John.

January 17, 1970…In New York City at Madison Square Garden's Felt Forum, the Doors played the first of four shows that were recorded for the band's forthcoming "Absolutely Live" album.

January 17, 1970…Singer (Summertime) Billy Stewart and three members of his band were killed when their car went out of control and off a bridge in North Carolina. Stewart was 32.

January 17, 1971…At the Orange Bowl in Miami, trumpeters Al Hirt and Doc Severinsen had a "Battle of the Horns" and  Marvin Gaye sang the U.S. National Anthem before Super Bowl V. The Baltimore Colts beat the Dallas Cowboys, 16-13, in the first Super Bowl played on artificial turf.

January 17, 1972…More than 1600 Canadian air traffic controllers began a 12-day strike.

January 17, 1972…A portion of Highway 51 South in Memphis was renamed Elvis Presley Boulevard.

January 17, 1972…Author (A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Joy in the morning, Tomorrow Will Be Better, Maggie-Now) Betty Smith died of pneumonia at age 75.

January 17, 1973…Ferdinand Marcos declared himself president of the Philippines for life. He fled the country in 1986 after he won a rigged election that led to Corazon Aquino being sworn in as president.

January 17, 1973…At RCA Studio B in Nashville, Perry Como began recording Don McLean's "And I Love You So." The track was completed two days later.

January 17, 1973…Charlie Rich released the single "Behind Closed Doors."

January 17, 1974…Dino Martin, singer and son of Dean Martin, was arrested on suspicion of possession and sale of two AK-47 machine guns after trying to sell them to an undercover agent.

January 17, 1975…The detective series "Baretta," starring Robert Blake, Dana Elcar, Tom Ewell, and Michael D. Roberts, began a four-season run on ABC-TV.

January 17, 1977…Convicted killer Gary Gilmore became the first person in a decade to be executed in the U.S. His death by firing squad took place at Utah State Prison.

January 17, 1979…Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton announced their plan to record an album together called "Trio." They finally made the album eight years later.

January 17, 1980…Actress (One Life to Live, Mr. & Mrs. North, Captain Kidd, I Shot Jesse James, So Proudly We Hail!, Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch, Bwana Devil, Dragonfly Squadron, The Bandit Queen, The Return of Monte Cristo, The Great John L.)/commercial spokesperson Barbara Britton died of gastric cancer at 60.

January 17, 1983…In Detroit, J.L. Hudson's downtown flagship store, as of 1961 the tallest department store in the world, closed due to high operating costs.

January 17, 1983…The PBS public affairs series "Frontline" made its debut.

January 17, 1983…Actor (The Birds, Topper, Pocketful of Miracles, The Tunnel of Love, Cancel My Reservation, The Errand Boy)/comedian (William Tell Overture, Dance Of The Hours) Winstead Sheffield Glendenning Dixon "Doodles" Weaver, known for his novelty recordings with Spike Jones, committed suicide at age 71.

January 17, 1986…Olivia Newton-John and her husband Matt Lattanzi welcomed the arrival of a daughter they named Chloe.

January 17, 1989…In Stockton, California, Patrick Purdy opened fire with an assault rifle on the Cleveland Elementary School playground, killing five children and wounding 29 others before taking his own life.

January 17, 1991…Airstrikes in Operation Desert Storm began as the U.S. and its United Nations allies went to war to drive Saddam Hussein's army out of Iraqi-occupied Kuwait. When Kuwait City was declared liberated on February 27, President George H.W. Bush decided to halt the war. A cease-fire took effect the next morning.

January 17, 1991…Upon the death of his father, Olav V, Harald V became the king of Norway.

January 17, 1992…"Michael Jackson…the Legend Continues" aired on CBS-TV.

January 17, 1993…U.S. President Bill Clinton's Inauguration ceremonies featured a free outdoor concert with performances by Aretha Franklin, Michael Bolton, Tony Bennett, Bob Dylan, and Diana Ross.

January 17, 1994…The Northridge area of Los Angeles was rocked by a magnitude 6.7 earthquake that left 61 people dead and about $30 billion in property damage.

January 17, 1994…In Chicago, Donny Osmond fought Danny Bonaduce of TV's "Partridge Family" in a charity boxing match. Bonaduce won a split decision.

January 17, 1995…More than 5,290 people were killed, hundreds were injured and an estimated 88,000 buildings were damaged or destroyed when a magnitude 7.2 earthquake devastated the city of Kobe, Japan.

January 17, 1995…Shania Twain released her first hit single, "Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under," written by her then-husband Mutt Lange.

January 17, 1995…The Los Angeles Rams announced their intention to move the franchise to St. Louis.

January 17, 1996…Barbara Jordan, a civil rights activist and member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Texas, died of pneumonia while being treated for cancer at age 59. Jordan had also suffered from multiple sclerosis since 1973. She was the first African-American elected to the Texas Senate after reconstruction and the first Southern black woman ever elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.

January 17, 1997…At Cape Canaveral in Florida, a Delta 2 rocket carrying a GPS satellite exploded 13 seconds after launch.

January 17, 1997…A court in Ireland granted the first divorce in the history of that Roman Catholic country.

January 17, 1998…Bill Clinton became the first U.S. president to testify as a defendant in a criminal or civil lawsuit as he gave his deposition in the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit against him. Before the case could reach trial, a judge granted Clinton's motion for dismissal, ruling the former Arkansas state employee could not show that she had suffered any damages. In November 1998, Clinton settled with Jones for $850,000, but without apology, in exchange for her agreement to drop her appeal.

January 17, 1998…Musician/songwriter (The Popcorn Song)/record producer/music publisher/artist manager (Hank Thompson, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Molly Bee)/Country Music Hall of Famer Cliffie Stone died following a heart attack at age 80.

January 17, 1999…Cyndi Lauper was a guest voice on the Fox-TV animated series "The Simpsons."

January 17, 2000…The pharmaceutical companies Glaxo Wellcome PLC and SmithKline Beecham PLC agreed to a merger that resulted in the creation of the world's largest drugmaker.

January 17, 2003…Trumpeter (Double Shot Of My Baby's Love) Charlie Webber of the Swingin' Medallions died of cancer at 57.

January 17, 2003…Actor (The Real McCoys, Our Miss Brooks, Judging Amy, It Takes Two, All's Fair, Slattery's People, Pros and Cons, First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II, Rambo III, Wait Until Dark, The Sand Pepples, Hot Shots! Part Deux, Sabrina, The Pride of St. Louis) Richard Crenna died of heart failure while suffering from pancreatic cancer at the age of 76.

January 17, 2004…Actor (Walker Texas Ranger, Home Improvement, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Last Boy Scout, Chinatown, City Slickers, Norma Rae, Good Morning Vietnam, La Bamba, Paper Moon, The Last Picture Show, The Boys in Company C, Independence Day, Guarding Tess, The Hudsucker Proxy, The Howling, Up Close & Personal) Noble Willingham died after a heart attack at 72.

January 17, 2005…Actress (White Heat, The Best Years of Our Lives, The Princess and the Pirate, Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N., The Silver Chalice, The Girl from Jones Beach, She's Working Her Way Through College, The West Point Story, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty) Virginia Mayo died of pneumonia at age 84.

January 17, 2007…Journalist/syndicated columnist/author (I'll Always Have Paris) Art Buchwald died of kidney failure at 81.

January 17, 2008…Chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer died of degenerative renal failure at the age of 64.

January 17, 2008…Actor (The Phil Silvers Show, Archie Bunker's Place, All in the Family, Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C., With Six You Get Eggroll)/cartoon voicist (The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Smurfs, DuckTales, Scooby-Doo in Arabian Nights, Beetle Bailey, The Banana Splits Adventure Hour) Allan Melvin died of cancer at 85.

January 17, 2009…After 5½ years as a widower, singer Bobby Rydell married his second wife, Linda Hoffman.

January 17, 2010…Brett Favre, at age 40, became the oldest quarterback to start and win a National Football League playoff game as his Minnesota Vikings beat the visiting Dallas Cowboys, 34-3.

January 17, 2010…Author (Love Story) Erich Segal, who suffered from Parkinson's disease, died following a heart attack at 72.

January 17, 2011…"Piers Morgan Tonight," later re-titled "Piers Morgan Live," which replaced "Larry King Live" after its 24-year run, debuted on CNN. Oprah Winfrey was Morgan's first guest. Failing to catch on with viewers, the series ended on March 28, 2014.

January 17, 2011…Music publisher/record producer (Monkees, Archies)/talent manager/record label executive (Chairman Records, Calendar Records, Kirshner Records, Dimension Records)/television host (Don Kirshner's Rock Concert) Don Kirshner died of heart failure at 77.

January 17, 2012…Disc jockey/bandleader/drummer/singer/songwriter (Willie And The Hand Jive) Johnny Otis died at the age of 90.

January 17, 2012…Marty Springstead, a major league baseball umpire for 20 years and a supervisor of major league umpires as an executive for 20 years more, died after a heart attack at age 74.

January 17, 2013…Novelist/playwright (Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?, The Last Catholic in America, The Unoriginal Sinner and the Ice Cream God, The Junk Drawer Corner Store Front Porch Blues) John R. Powers died following a heart attack at 67.

January 17, 2014…Television personality (Shopping Wars) Roy Garber died of a heart attack at age 49.

January 17, 2015…Actor (The Hospital, The Best of Everything, I Deal in Danger) Don Harron, whose alter ego, "Charlie Farquharson," the folksy story teller character he created in 1952, appeared regularly on TV's "Hee Haw" and CBC's "The Big Review," died of cancer at the age of 90.

January 17, 2015…Actor (Terminator Salvation, The Good Shepherd, Grudge Match)/TV fitness model (Work Out) Greg Plitt was accidentallty struck and killed by a train at the age of 37.

January 17, 2016…Trumpeter/trombonist (So Very Hard To Go, You’re Still A Young Man) Mic Gillette, a founding member of Tower of Power, died following a heart attack at age 64.

January 17, 2016…Mott the Hoople founding member/drummer (All The Young Dudes)/record producer (Cult, Smashing Pumpkins Dale "Buffin" Griffin died of complications from Alzheimer's disease at 67.

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