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June 20, 2017

On this day in 2004
"Burn" by Usher was the #1 song.

Today's Celebrity Birthdays

Actress (Stuck in the Middle) Kayla Maisonet, 18.  Actress (Man of Steel) Jadin Gould, 19.  Actress (Medium) Maria Lark, 20.  Actress (Kick-Ass 2) Claudia Lee, 21.  Actress (Juno) Eve Harlow, 28.  Actor (Superbad)/cartoon voicist (How to Train Your Dragon) Christopher Mintz-Plasse, 28.  Actress (Harry Potter movies) Shefali Chowdhury, 29.  Actress (Gran Torino) Dreama Walker, 31.  Actor (Ransom) Brawley Nolte, 31.  Actor (In Time) Collins Pennie, 32.  Actor (Paddy’s in the Boot) Kevin Ryan, 33.  Singer (Paris-Ooh La La) Grace Potter, 34.  Actress (Curly Sue) Alisan Porter, 36.  Actress (Eye in the Sky) Kim Engelbrecht, 37.  Actress (The Haves and the Have Nots) Tika Sumpter, 37.  Model/actor (John Wick) Omer Barnea, 37.  Country music singer (God Did Good) Dianna Corcoran, 38.  Actress (Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle) Kate Kelton, 39.  Actress (Around the World in 80 Days) Natalie Denise Sperl, 39.  Actor (The A-Team) Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, 39.  Actor (Sleepwalk with Me) Mike Birbiglia, 39.  Actor (Twin Peaks) Ronnie Gene Blevins, 40.  Actor (The Grinder) Jarrad Paul, 41.  Actor (Game of Thrones) Tom Wlaschiha, 44.  Actor (American Psycho) Josh Lucas, 46.  Actor (Queer as Folk) Peter Paige, 48.  Actress (Me Before You) Samantha Spiro, 49.  Writer/actor (Late Night with Conan O’Brien) Jon Glaser, 49.  Actress (Moulin Rouge!) Nicole Kidman, 50.  Actor (Tarzan the Ape Man) Miles O’Keeffe, 63.  Tennis champion Raul Ramirez, 64.  Actor (Roseanne)/cartoon voicist (Monsters Inc.) John Goodman, 65.  Singer/songwriter (All Night Long) Lionel Richie, 68.  Producer (The Manchurian Candidate)/author (My Father’s Daughter) Tina Sinatra, 69.  Actress (American Graffiti) Candy Clark, 70.  TV handyman Bob Vila, 71.  Singer (You Needed Me) Anne Murray, 72.  Actor (The Bold and the Beautiful) John McCook, 73.  Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Brian Wilson, 75.  Actor (Frasier) John Mahoney, 77.  Singer/songwriter (Here Comes Summer) Jerry Keller, 80.  Pro Football Hall of Famer Len Dawson, 82.  Actress (The Servant, Room at the Top) Wendy Craig, 83.  Actor (Léon: The Professional, Do the Right Thing) Danny Aiello, 84.  Actor (General Hospital, The Godfather: Par III) Brett Halsey, 84.  Actress (Look Who’s Talking, Moonstruck) Olympia Dukakis, 86.  Actor (Back to the Future films, Top Gun) James Tolkan, 86.  Actress (St. Elsewhere, Twins) Bonnie Bartlett, 88.  Actor (Mission: Impossible, Ed Wood) Martin Landau, 89.  International Tennis Hall of Famer Pancho Segura, 96.

 Today's ODJA Birthday Babe

Dianna Corcoran

What a Day This Has Been

June 20, 1782…The U.S. Congress approved the Great Seal of the United States.

June 20, 1793…Eli Whitney applied for a patent for his cotton gin, a machine that separates cotton fibers from their seeds.

June 20, 1837…Queen Victoria, at age 18, ascended the British throne following the death of her uncle, King William IV. She reigned for 63 years.

June 20, 1840…Samuel Morse received a patent for the telegraph.

June 20, 1877…Alexander Graham Bell installed the world's first commercial telephone service in your editor's hometown, Hamilton, Ontario.

June 20, 1893…After deliberating only an hour and a half, a jury in New Bedford, Massachusetts found Lizzie Borden innocent of the 1892 ax murders of her father and stepmother in nearby Fall River. The house on Second Street where the murders were committed is now a bed and breakfast lodging.

June 20, 1910…The musical "Ziegfeld Follies of 1910," in which Fanny Brice made her Broadway debut, opened at New York's Jardin de Paris for 88 performances.

June 20, 1943…Race-related rioting erupted in Detroit. Two days later, federal troops were sent in to put an end to the violence that left more than 30 people dead.

June 20, 1945…The U.S. Secretary of State approved the transfer to America of Wernher von Braun and his team of Nazi rocket scientists.

June 20, 1947…In Beverly Hills, California, Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel was murdered by order of mob associates who were angry about the soaring costs of his Flamingo resort project in Las Vegas.

June 20, 1948…The variety show "Toast of the Town," hosted by newspaper columnist Ed Sullivan, premiered on CBS-TV. The first telecast was produced on a meager budget of $1,375. Only $375 was allocated for talent, and the stars of that first show, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, shared $200 of it. In September 1955, the program's name was officially changed to "The Ed Sullivan Show."

June 20, 1955…The American Federation of Labor and the Congress of Industrial Organizations agreed to combine names and merge into a single group known by the abbreviation AFL-CIO.

June 20, 1956…Elvis Presley was a guest on Wink Martindale's Memphis television show to promote a benefit concert.

June 20, 1959…The management of the Lido Club in Paris called Elvis Presley's hotel and demanded that the club's entire female chorus line be returned in time for that night's show. Elvis and his entourage were staying in Paris during his furlough from the U.S. Army while he was stationed in Germany.

June 20, 1960…Coral Records released the Buddy Holly single "True Love Ways," 16½ months after his death.

June 20, 1961…At the Cosimo Recording Studio in New Orleans, Fats Domino recorded "Let The Four Winds Blow" and "You Win Again."

June 20, 1962…At Western Recorders in Hollywood, Rick Nelson recorded "Teenage Idol."

June 20, 1963…The United States and the Soviet Union agreed to set up a Hot Line telephone link between the two countries.

June 20, 1963…At A&R Studios in New York City, the Angels recorded "My Boyfriend's Back."

June 20, 1965…The Beatles began a 14-day European tour with two shows at the Palais Des Sports in Paris, France.

June 20, 1965…The Dave Clark Five performed "Glad All Over," "I Like It Like That" and "Come Home" on CBS-TV's "The Ed Sullivan Show." Juliet Prowse, Cab Calloway, Soupy Sales and Totie Fields also appeared.

June 20, 1965…Singer/songwriter/mandolin player (Cash On The Barrelhead, When I Stop Dreaming, The Get Acquainted Waltz)/Country Music Hall of Famer Ira Louvin of the Louvin Brothers died at age 41 from injuries suffered when his car was hit by a drunk driver near Williamsburg, Missouri. Louvin's wife Anne was also killed.

June 20, 1965…Financier/politician/presidential advisor/philanthropist Bernard Baruch died at the age of 94.

June 20, 1966…Billy Joe Royal, Unit Four Plus Two, and the Knickerbockers were the guest performers on ABC-TV's "Where the Action Is."

June 20, 1966…At RCA Studio B in Nashville, overdubs completed the Elvis Presley track "If Every Day Was Like Christmas." The instrumental backing had been recorded on June 10 and Elvis' vocal was added on June 12.

June 20, 1966…The Beatles released the album "Yesterday and Today" with the controversial "butcher" cover, showing the Beatles smiling amongst decapitated baby dolls. The original photo became a huge publicity issue for Capitol Records. It was quickly replaced by a more conventional cover, glued over the old one and resulting in one of the band's most prized collectibles.
          At the time, the Beatles defended the use of the butcher photograph. John Lennon said it was "as relevant as Vietnam" and Paul McCartney said that their critics were "soft." Ringo Starr called it a commentary on how Capitol "butchered" their original albums. George Harrison said he thought the whole idea "was gross, and I also thought it was stupid. Sometimes we all did stupid things thinking it was cool and hip when it was naïve and dumb; and that was one of them." "Yesterday and Today" was the only Beatles record to lose money for Capitol.

June 20, 1966…The Rolling Stones released the album "Aftermath" in the U.S.

June 20, 1967…In Houston, Muhammad Ali was convicted of violating Selective Service laws by refusing to be drafted into military service. The U.S. Supreme Court later overturned the conviction.

June 20, 1967…In Ottawa, Canadian Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson presided over the opening of the National Library and Archives Building.

June 20, 1967…The Buckinghams began recording "Susan" and "Hey, Baby (They're Playing Our Song)."

June 20, 1969…Georges Pompidou was sworn in as president of France.

June 20, 1969…Jimi Hendrix received the largest paycheck (to that time) for a single show when he earned $125,000 for one set at the Newport '69 Festival in Northridge, California. The three-day event also featured Joe Cocker, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Ike & Tina Turner, Jethro Tull, the Rascals, and Steppenwolf. A three day ticket to the festival cost $15.

June 20, 1969…David Bowie signed with Philips Records, then entered Trident Studios in London to record "Space Oddity," a song he wrote after seeing the 1968 Stanley Kubrick movie "2001: A Space Odyssey."

June 20, 1970…"The Ray Stevens Show," produced in Toronto, debuted on NBC-TV as an Andy Williams summer replacement series.

June 20, 1972…Elvis Presley performed at the Civic Assembly Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

June 20, 1972…The Tallahatchie Bridge in Leflore County, Mississippi collapsed. Made famous in Bobbie Gentry's 1967 song "Ode to Billie Joe," the bridge was demolished in 1987.

June 20, 1972…Motel and restaurant chain founder Howard Johnson died at the age of 75.

June 20, 1973…Juan Perón returned to power in Argentina. He served for nine months before dying in 1974 and was succeeded by his third wife, Isabel Martínez.

June 20, 1973…"American Bandstand" celebrated its 20th anniversary with an ABC-TV special featuring Neil Diamond, Little Richard, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Cheech & Chong, and Three Dog Night.

June 20, 1973…Doo-wop singer (Earth Angel-Will You Be Mine) Bruce Tate of the Penguins, died at age 36.

June 20, 1974…Bob Dylan and the Band released the live album "Before The Flood."

June 20, 1975…In New York City, the Talking Heads performed their first show at the club CBGB.

June 20, 1975…On her 30th birthday, singer Anne Murray married CBC-TV producer Bill Langstroth. They had two children before separating in 1998 and divorcing in 2004.

June 20, 1975…Herb Alpert guest-hosted "The Midnight Special" on NBC-TV and introduced performances by the Captain & Tennille, Supertramp, Billy Preston, and Phoebe Snow.

June 20, 1975…Steven Spielberg's "Jaws," starring Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss, Lorraine Gary, and Murray Hamilton, opened in U.S. and Canadian movie theaters.

June 20, 1977…At Prudhoe Bay on the Arctic Ocean in Alaska, the first oil entered the Trans-Alaska pipeline, exiting 800 miles and 38 days later at Valdez.

June 20, 1977…In California, the Grateful Dead's Mickey Hart suffered multiple broken bones after driving his car into a canyon.

June 20, 1978…Film director (Earthquake, Von Ryan's Express, Peyton Place, Valley of the Dolls, From the Terrace, Champion, The Bridges at Toko-Ri, The Prize, The Inn of the Sixth Happiness, The Harder They Fall, Lost Command, Phffft, Happy Birthday Wanda June) Mark Robson died of a heart attack at age 64.

June 20, 1979…In Managua, Nicaragua, ABC News correspondent Bill Stewart was shot to death by a member of President Anastasio Somoza's national guard. There was never any explanation for the shooting.

June 20, 1980…Fleetwood Mac played the first of six sold-out nights at Wembley Arena in London.

June 20, 1980…NBC-TV's "The Midnight Special" was hosted by Eddie Rabbitt and Kim Carnes. Guest performers included ABBA, Randy Van Warmer, Jermaine Jackson, and Teena Marie.

June 20, 1980…"The Blues Brothers," starring John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, with appearances by Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Cab Calloway, Steve Cropper, and Donald "Duck" Dunn, opened in U.S. and Canadian movie theaters.

June 20, 1984…"Rhinestone," starring Dolly Parton and Sylvester Stallone, had its premiere in Los Angeles.

June 20, 1984…Actress (The Producers, The Misfits, Murder by Death, Camelot, The Notorious Landlady, The Glass Slipper, The Seven Curses of Lodac, This Happy Feeling, 23 Paces to Baker Street, The House of Trent, Dead Ringer, Darby O'Gill and the Little People, The Cabinet of Caligari) Estelle Winwood died at 101.

June 20, 1986…At Wembley Arena in London, the fourth annual "Prince's Trust Rock Gala" featured performances by Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Elton John, Tina Turner, Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Bryan Adams, Midge Ure, Howard Jones, and Paul Young.

June 20, 1986…Chris de Burgh released the single "The Lady In Red."

June 20, 1987…In Dallas, Aerosmith began their 147-date Permanent Vacation world tour with a concert at the Cotton Bowl.

June 20, 1987…In New York City, Dion DiMucci, the Five Satins, Brooklyn Bridge, the Del-Satins, and Carlo of the Belmonts performed at Radio City Music Hall.

June 20, 1987…Television host Johnny Carson married his fourth wife, Alexis Mass. They remained together until his death in January 2005.

June 20, 1987…R&B singer Teddy Pendergrass married his second wife, Karen Still. They divorced in 2002.

June 20, 1988…"The Price is Right" model/presenter Janice Pennington was knocked unconscious by a TV camera during a taping of the show.

June 20, 1988…Steve Winwood released the album "Roll With It."

June 20, 1988…Chicago released the album "Chicago 19."

June 20, 1990…Four months after his release from 27 years of imprisonment, Nelson Mandela landed in New York City to begin a tour of the United States. In his address to a joint meeting of the U.S. Congress on June 26, Mr. Mandela appealed for support of the struggle for a multi-racial democracy in South Africa.

June 20, 1990…Actress (The Comancheros, The Greatest Story Ever Told, Charro!, From the Terrace, The Young Doctors, The Patsy) Ina Balin died of pulmonary hypertension and coronary heart disease at age 52.

June 20, 1991…Eight months after the reunification of Germany, the Bundestag voted in favor of moving the country's capital from Bonn back to Berlin.

June 20, 1994…O. J. Simpson had his first court arraignment and pled "not guilty" of the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

June 20, 1995…A judge in Los Angeles awarded ownership of the Kingsmen's recordings to the group itself and away from Scepter-Wand Records. The court ruled that the company breached its contract by not paying the Kingsmen their proper royalties. The main song in question was "Louie, Louie," recorded in 1963.

June 20, 1996…Westinghouse Electric agreed to buy Infinity Broadcasting for $3.9 billion, a deal made possible after the U.S. Congress passed the Telecommunications Act permitting expansion of TV and radio station holdings, and removing restrictions on how many stations in one market could be owned by one company.

June 20, 1997…R&B singer (Ain't No Woman Like The One I've Got, Bernadette, Standing In The Shadows Of Love, Reach Out I'll Be There, It's the Same Old Song, I Can't Help Myself) Lawrence Payton of the Four Tops died of liver cancer at the age of 59.

June 20, 1999…Author (Any Number Can Play, Party of One, Reading I've Liked)/radio-TV host (The Name's the Same, This Is Show Business, Information Please!) Clifton Fadiman died at age 95.

June 20, 2000…Mick Jagger was forced to reveal his financial worth and income to a New York court during his child support battle with Brazilian model Luciana Morad, the mother of his latest child.

June 20, 2001…Andrea Yates, in "an attempt to save her five young children from Satan," drowned them in a bathtub in Houston. Initially convicted of capital murder, her retrial found her not guilty by reason of insanity.

June 20, 2003…On his 54th birthday, Lionel Ritchie received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

June 20, 2004…Paul McCartney took to the stage as a professional musician for the 3000th time. He had performed 2,535 concerts with the Quarrymen and the Beatles, 140 with Wings and 325 solo shows.

June 20, 2006…Guitarist (Cherish, Joanna, Celebration, Too Hot, Ladies Night, Jungle Boogie, Hollywood Swinging) Claydes Charles Smith, a co-founder and lead guitarist of Kool & The Gang, died at age 57.

June 20,  2008…Jimmy Page was awarded an honorary Doctorate in Music by Surrey University in England.

June 20, 2011…Guitarist Leslie West, former leader of Mountain and a 65-year-old diabetic, had his lower right leg amputated in order to stop a septic infection that had started in his foot.

June 20, 2011…Actor (Jackass movies) Ryan Dunn died from injuries suffered in a car accident at age 34.

June 20, 2012…Sports world artist/painter LeRoy Neiman, the official painter of five Olympiads and a contributing artist at Playboy magazine for many years, died at the age of 91.

June 20, 2013…New York State designated the entire length of Route 375/West Hurley Road in Woodstock as Levon Helm Memorial Boulevard, in honor of the late Band drummer/singer and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer. Helm, who lived in Woodstock for decades and had a recording studio there, died of cancer in April 2012.

June 20, 2014…In Austin, Texas, Blake Shelton's 22-city Ten Times Crazier tour, with opening acts the Band Perry, Dan Shay and Neal McCoy, began with a concert at the Austin 360 Amphitheater.

June 20, 2015…The Rolling Stones' 15-city Zip Code tour continued with a concert at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh.

June 20, 2015…In Cullman, Alabama, Alan Jackson, Travis Tritt and Sara Evans headlined Day 2 of the fourth annual Rock the South country and southern rock music festival. Supporting acts included Blackberry Smoke, Brantley Gilbert, Tyler Farr, Corey Smith, Eric Paslay, Mary Sarah and Big Smo.

I Did Not Know That!

Tarantulas can live up to 30 years.

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